Table Linens and China for Fall.

Table linens , china and glassware are like fashion . Colors, themes, times of the year and what will work with your decor are question’s you ask when designing your table for a dinner or an event.  We asked Tiffany from Atlas Party Rental for the new  favorite  linens , chargers and glassware they are showing for the fall season. Here are some of her favorites from the showroom.

Solstice Gold 13” charger plate giving off a gold textured  pattern and leaf shape.

Iris plum goblets give great color and interest to your table decor.

Fun, Mango tango taffeta tablecloth which includes all the fall colors.

The  gold passion overlay . Beautiful luxurious linen for an autumn evening dinner party.

traditional white hemstitch overlay over burlap linen

The traditional  White hemstitch overlay over burlap linen.  Linzi Event’s  favorite, classic, clean and simple.

Orange tafetta  linen which can be dressed  up with an abundance of fall color florals.

Football Bar Mitzvah Party Theme. Heshie loves the Miami Dolphins.

We recently planned the  Bar Mitzvah of Heshie at the Diplomat Resort in Hallandale Beach , Florida. Heshie  who along with his dad love’s the Miami Dolphins. Mom loved beautiful flowers and gorgeous linens. Together with Jon Buick , designer  from Xquisite Events , the decor was designed with beautiful florals for mom and lots of football themed decor for Heshie.  Photography, courtesy of Lena Isely Photography.

The color scheme was Miami Dolphin’ s  true orange and teal.  A magnificent arrangement of orange orchids and rose’s in an eclectic arrangement of leaf wrapped vases adorned the place cad table.

The room was designed with royal tables with  custom made teal pintuck linens from Over the Top Linens and silver chivari chairs with orange bengaline chair pads from Panache a Classic Party Rental Company.

Long mirror boxes mixed with “fields” of green and white florals  stretched across the royal tables with blue glass votive candles.

The kid’s section was filled with football signage, fatheads and  bleachers for the kids to sit on.

A logo was designed by Linzi Events for Heshie which was carried through the party for the table number , menu and of   T- shirts for the kids party favors.

All the adults went home with mini cupcake treats from Cupcake Couture Sweet Boutique in Delray beach. A sweet ending to a great celebration.

Wedding Planning – Who pays for What?

Your wedding is a happy time! Your special day is supposed to be filled with love and laughter, but we all know that the road to getting there is filled with bumps and bruises. A wedding planner is a great way to make your planning smoother, but before you do anything a budget should be implemented. There is nothing worse than looking for designs and ideas for your day before deciding what you can spend. Expectations tend to be a bit higher than reality so before you make any decisions create your budget, and make your life easier!

Who’s paying:
Traditionally the bride’s parents shoulder most of the financial burden, but circumstances do not always allow for families to follow tradition.  Today’s merging families split the costs in many ways.. Some lucky couples are able to pay for their own wedding, which makes it easy.

The bride’s family pays for:
* Bride’s Wedding Attire
* Bride’s Parents’ Wedding Attire
* Bridesmaid Luncheon
* Invitations & Other Paper Supplies
* Groom’s Ring
* Photography
* Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue
* Wedding Reception
* Flowers for Ceremony & Reception
* Bridal Party Flowers
* Transportation for the Wedding Party
* Transportation and Accommodations for the Bride’s Family
* Videography
* Entertainment
* Wedding Consultant/Coordinator
The grooms family pays for :
* Groom’s Wedding Attire
* Groom’s Parents’ Wedding Attire
* Rehearsal Dinner
* Bride’s Ring
* Bride’s Bouquet & Flowers for Parents & Grandparents
* Transportation and Accommodations for the Groom’s Family
* Liquor
* Marriage License
* Officiant Fee
* Gratuities
* Honeymoon
Nina Callaway  in an article on Guide  wrote about a  modern take on who pays for what at a wedding: 
After announcing their engagement, the bride and groom sit down and estimate what they’ll spend on the wedding,  after finding a reception site and making general decisions about theme, style, time of day etc. They then approach their parents and after describing what they’ve decided on so far, say gently, “We were wondering if you would be able to pitch in for any of the costs.” The parents may look at the budget and say, “We’d like to pay for the reception food and the flowers” for example. They may also offer a set amount they’ll contribute. If their parents say they can’t afford to contribute, or only offer a small amount, the bride and groom say, “Thank you for considering,” and perhaps have to revise their budget or find creative ways to pay for the wedding.

Wedding or Social Event Entertainment – Band Vs. DJ

One of our most commonly asked question is “Should I reserve a band or dj for my reception?” Entertainment is a key element is planning an event. The entertainment can make or break an event so take time to select the entertainment perfect for your needs.

We asked our entertainment vendor , Alan Andai from  AAMusicians ,  South Florida’s most recognized Live Entertainment company providing  full time professional musicians and djs for weddings, social and corporate events.  Alan responds : Why not have both?.  When meeting with clients , Alan shares the following  points that will help you decide on what option works best for the ambiance you are trying to deliver on your special  day..

When selecting your DJ there are several factors that should be covered:
Versatility:  An important factor when selecting your professional DJ is to ensure that they  are versatile in any style of music. Being located in a destination wedding  area, our demographics are constantly changing every week with our events. It  is important to know that your dj has the experience and knowledge to adapt to  any culture or background that they encounter. Having a diverse playlist and  the capability of performing any style of music will determine the success of  being able to accommodate the needs of young adults to your grandparents  taste.

Familiarity  and Popularity of Songs
:   Using a professional DJ for your  social event allows you access to a database of over 80,000 songs at your  event. Our DJs are constantly upgrading their library, keeping any up to date  songs that may get requested on the day of your wedding. An important note is  to let you DJ know of any special requests that you would like to hear on your  wedding day. A professional DJ will send you a design form to select the  pieces and more importantly a do not play list.

Space,  Power and Acoustics
:  DJs are a great asset when space and room size are limited. With the right  sound levels, a dj can provide the perfect balance to provide a comfortable  sound level for maximum enjoyment during dinner as well as your dancing. The  difference when hiring a professional knows the importance of volume level. He  or she will make sure that the speakers and mixes are all at a controlled  level that gives enough volume to appreciate the music but does not leave your  guests with pain in their ears if the music is too loud.

: DJs are great assets to have when working with a more intimate sized guest list. DJs with much experience are able to take on dual roles and act as DJ as well as Emcee. This format creates a clear boundary of keeping all the focus from your guests on the bride and groom.
Equipment: Its important to make sure your DJ is using State of the Art sound systems, mixers and equipment. Our Djs always have a plan B just in case the software fails. Bringing backup cds or an alternate hardrive will guarantee that your party will still be going with-out you or your guests even noticing. We understand that a wedding takes place only once and there is no room for any errors. Using professional grade equipment also ensures crisp and quality sounding music.

Experience: It is important to know how experienced your Dj is. Find references to see where he/she has performed, who they are working with and making sure their style fits your needs. Majority of clients over see this fact and don’t understand that your DJ needs to not only be able to play great music, but also take control of introductions, announcements and understand how to work with the venue, planner or caterer to ensure a smooth transition from cocktail, dinner, toasts to the dancing portion. All our DJs go through a training program and perform numerous receptions with our professionals before they perform on their own.
Cost: Cost is usually the determining  factor when selecting your DJ. There is a major cost difference between a DJ  and a full band. If you are working on a limited budget but still want live  elements to your reception, we offer our clients the options to add live  musicians to their DJ. Most popular options are percussion, Drumset and  saxophone. Another point we try to educate our brides is the importance of  your DJ’s role.

Here are some reasons for choosing a Band for your event:
The  magic of live music:  Having a live performance at your wedding brings a level of energy and visual  aspect that can only be delivered with a full band. A professional wedding  band can allow you to customize their playlist to your preferences. Also make  sure your band is an All Live Performance band that does not use any recorded  or aided music to enhance their performance. You want to make sure your band  consists of all professional entertainers who have the experience and  knowledge in their instrument.

:  When  having a live band perform there  is a greater element of performer/guest participation. Using the perfect band  also gives you and your guests the sensation of attending a private concert  that you get to dance along with. There is also a grand presence when dancing  along to a 7-12 piece band. Adding enhanced lighting will upgrade your wedding  making your day an event that will be remembered as the best wedding ever  attended.
Experts  in their field: A  high energy wedding band will know  how to animate your guests but still keep the focus on you and your  groom.  There are bands that can  perform all styles of the American hits to the Latin covers. We allow you to  design your playlist that will cover all of your friends and families music  preferences. Ask to see your bands repertoire to make sure they are able to  perform all the styles you expect to hear.

:  Key decision is making sure you are aware that a live band needs to take  breaks. Majority of the bands will put an ipod or recorded playlist during  this 20-25 minute break. We want to make sure that there is always human  interaction with your guests. We always provide a dj with our bands to make  sure that there is continuous energy throughout the reception and that your  guests are dancing to the music that they want to be and not what on a set  playlist.

Bat Mitzvah Party Theme, a Japanese Garden.

One of the most beautiful Bat Mitzvah’s we planned in Boca Raton, Florida was for Royce, whose theme for her Bat Mitzvah Party was a “Japanese Garden”. Together with a team of amazing event decorators from Xquisite events led by designer Jon Buick an “oriental” evening was created.

Guest entered the reception hall  through a Japanese inspired Garden greeted by a geisha girl.

Guest place cards were paper leaves hanging from cherry blossom branches.

Japanese inspired cocktail hour entertainment was provided for the kids in the cocktail area.

Entrance to the reception featured a sign welcoming guests to Royce’s Japanese garden.

The room was  decorated with hedges of bouganvillia   connecting one table to the next with beautful  centerpieces adorned with multitudes of orchids in jewel tones.  Gold charger plates and black chivari chairs with red satin chair pads completed the look.

The main table for the extended family and friends was set under a Japanese Pagoda with hanging Japanese lanterns.  Bowls with  candles and  floating orchids were set across  the table.

Long tables with cushions with cushions in jewel tones were set on the floor for the children’s dining , true Japanese style.

A Japanese Theme would not be complete without boats of sushi . A Japanese styed  appetizer and dessert plate complemented the menu.

The adults went home with bonsai tree to take care of and the children each received a sweat shirt with a saying by Royce,  ” Confucious says, Party with Royce , Live  Long Time ” . What an incredible event with an amazing family who enjoyed every minute of  the celebration.