Bar Mitzvah Themes. Hip Hop Music

Event Planning is always exciting when you have a great theme. We planned  Jeremy’s Bar Mitzvah at Temple Beth Emet in Cooper City. He loved music especially , the entertainment label ” Young Money” , which we used to design the room for  this hip hop loving  Bar Mitzvah boy!  Photography courtesy of Jeff Kolodny Photography.

The table cards were designed with a hip hop dancer graphic , directing guests to their tables which were all named after hip hop artists.

The color theme of the event was black , red and white. Tall martini glasses filled with beautiful red roses, and red vanda orchids were set on top  of a black satin swirl linen from Atlas party rentals. The table was adorned with red napkins and lot of candelight.

Diamond encrusted money signs along with diamond encrusted Young Money centerpieces were a great match for the kids section.

A custom logo was designed by Linzi Events to match the “Young Money” logo, using the Bar Mitzvah boys initials. All the kids at the end of the night took home this one of a kind t-shirt!

Downtown Delray Beach , the 100 foot Christmas tree.

A few miles from our home in Downtown Delray Beach on Atlantic Avenue  , the lights will go on the 100 foot christmas tree  located on the front lawn of Old School Square. The ten story – tall walk through holiday showcase holds replicas of historic city scenes, elves at work and other festive exhibits. The tree is  lit with  15, 500 LED lights and topped by an impressive 18-foot lighted star. Erecting and dismantling the tree requires almost 8,000 volunteer hours, which are logged by area students, volunteers as well as City and Downtown Marketing Cooperative staff. A visit worth taking and at the same time enjoy  the avenue with great restaurants, stores and  people watching .

Is there such thing as decorating the perfect Christmas Tree?

Decorating Christmas trees can be so much fun, but believe it or not it is really hard work! From choosing your tree, to hanging the lights, and deciding exactly where to hang the ornaments, a lot more goes into this tree decorating process than realized. Here are a few simple steps to help you along the way!

Get it away from the wall:

The first step to decorating the perfect  Christmas tree is to get it out of the corner and away from the wall while you are decorating it. You are always going to have an uneven tree if you cannot work at it from all sides, and you don’t want your beautiful tree to be should in a corner. Most of the time Christmas trees are taller than we are, be sure to have a stepladder handy to reach all the high parts.

This Christmas tree is crooked and against the wall…not the way to begin the decorating process!

Hanging the lights:

THe first decorating step of the CHristmas tree is the very important process of hanging the lights. You must start from the top, and work your way down so that the plug on the lights is at the bottom of the tree. Make sure that you always check your lights first before hanging them, there is nothing worse than decorating your whole tree, and than realizing your lights don’t work!

Hanging Garland:

Garland is not used on every tree, but if you are going to hang it, now is the time. Again you must start from the top and work your way down. Make sure that you tuck the garland into the branches and not on the edges so that your ornaments have a place to go! You can also use ribbon in place of garland if you would like to spice up your tree a little bit!

Hanging the ornaments:

When hanging the ornaments do not lay them on the tips of the branches. If you do that your Christmas tree will look flat, and will have no depth to it. Be sure to hang larger ornaments first, and than the smaller ones on top. The smaller ornaments are the best for filling in dead space, and ensuring that there are no bare spots. We found these beautiful ornaments at Pottery Barn.

Add the topper:

When I was a kid the best part of the Christmas tree was being able to add the topper. My sisters and I would fight over it every year , we could not wait to take our turn.The last step in perfecting your Christmas tree is to put either the angel, Santa Claus, star, or even a great big red bow on the very top of your tree!   In the new world of being green,  we found this organic Christmas tree topper on HGTV. It is made with leaves, twigs and other natural elements creating a  star-shaped topper adding a rustic feel to your tree.

At this point your tree should be finished. There is technically no right or wrong way of decorating a tree. From the big and the beautiful to the small and tacky, any Christmas tree can be fun!

Wedding Reception Footwear

“Ouch”, ” my back hurts”,and ” oh man, I knew I shouldn’t of worn these heels”…Three definite phrases that brides will be saying through out the night, if they don’t come prepared with some back up shoes for their reception! I am always reminding these wonderful ladies that comfortable shoes for your reception are a must!!! Who wants to wear heels all night long?  This goes for bridesmaids as well. Although you want to be comfortable, you want to be stylish too! I recently discovered the amazing shoes known as Tom’s. Not only are the the most comfortable shoe, but they are now making a line specific for weddings. Just go to, and click on the wedding party shoes. These amazing shoes are a great way to pamper your feet for all that dancing, and still look great!

Whether you want to add some sparkle to your gown or just wear plain white, Toms has got you covered. They range from about $45.00, but will last you forever. Another great thing about the Toms shoes is that for every one pair bought, one pair is donated to a child in need. They call this the One to One. What an amazing way to look great at your wedding, and give back to the children around you!