Tips for Event Decor : Finding the Perfect Chair

Designing a room for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Wedding or Social Event, we pay a lot of attention to selecting the right chair to ” dress ” the table. The chair can add color to the room, work with the theme and create a traditional or contemporary feel to the event space. We are fortunate as the event rental industry have come with so many more choices.

Tip: When pulling together your  budget , we suggest you include rentals as a line item. When working with our clients we pay close attention to budget . With the right selection of chairs and linens, your dollars can go a long way and totally change the look and feel of the event space.

Pictures below are event spaces designed for our clients using different chairs.

70’s Theme Bat Mitzvah we selected, The Sally Chair from Bubble Miami . Totally worked with the theme and definitely dressed this table.


Neil Cohen Photography

A Basketball Themed Bar Mitzvah held on a basketball court.The client wanted her tables to have a modern contemporary fee. The White Valencia Chairs from Classic Party Rental was selected.

Jeff Kolodny Photography

Chivari  chairs come in variety of  colors including acrylic . A Wedding in Boca Raton, the  acrylic Chavari Chairs  complimented the acrylic chuppah.


Bar Mitzvah Nautical Theme, white Chivari chairs were perfect  against the blue and white striped linens. Navy blue chair pads were selected match the  table linen.

LInzi Events

Jeff Kolodny Photography

Pink chivari chairs against a turquoise ” bling” table linen. Pink chivari chairs from Classic Party Rental.

Domino Arts

A Bar Mitzvah ceremony recently held at The Gallery Of Amazing Things in Hollywood, the ghost chair from Atlas Party Rental were selected. Perfectly complemented the contemporary feel of the museum.

Toni Jade Photography

Spandex chair covers from Over the Top certainly added color to recent school prom . The theme was  ” Live in Color ”  . The  white spandex chair covers with band to match the spandex linen was all we needed to create the look we wanted and totally transform the room.

Recent Bat Mitzvah designed by Jose Graterol , not only did we use different size tables but each table had different chairs. White ghost chairs, acrylic ghost chairs and upholstered chairs from Jose Graterol were placed at the head’s of the royal tables .

Domino Arts

Domino Arts

Most important, have fun designing your space and creating your signature look.

Tips for Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s : Photography pre-shoots

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah pre-shoots are offered by  photographers in their package. Tip: Take advantage of this . The pre- shoot is often a casual setting an good opportunity for great family pictures. This is a good opportunity for the photographer to get to know and understand the family dynamics and how to get the best shot.  The mitzvah boy/ girl could be shy and this allows them an opportunity to get comfortable with the camera and their photographer.

Many families like to use the pictures as part of the decor for the celebration. As an event planner I will often direct the photographer with pictures that I want – horizontal or vertical depending on the floor plan. If there is a theme – what to wear  and possibly location. Below are some of our favorite pre-shoots where we incorporated pictures from the pre-shoot into the decor and branding.

Tip: Ask your photographer or vendor doing your montage to put the pictures on a loop which can be shown on screens throughout the event for everyone to enjoy.

Sam loved tennis. What better way to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah but on center court. Together with photographer Jeff Kolodny we selected the tennis stadium in Delray Beach where the celebration was taking place to do the pre-shoot.  These pictures were handed over to a graphic designer who created the logo. A silhouette of Sam playing tennis was created with a collage of pictures from the shoot set within the silhouette. These images were used for over  sized posters at  the tennis stadium , guests place cards attached to lanyards and on screens in the reception areas. Photography by Jeff Kolodny Photography.




The theme for Andie’s Bat Mitzvah  ( below ) was dance . She was both an amazing ballet dancer but also enjoyed ” street ” dance. Together with Linzi from Photography by Linzi  we selected the graffiti walls  and nearby railway tracks in Fort Lauderdale. What a fabulous shoot – a “magazine” shot was created on the railway tracks.  Our  photographer Linzi Altabet was truly able capture the essence of Andi’s passion for dance. The pictures were blown up and set on the draped walls in the party room and behind the DJ for everyone to enjoy.  Side note: So as not to confuse you the photographer has the same name as me and spells it the same way – we love it. Photography: Photography by Linzi. 


andi collagedecor-andi-

PicMonkey Collage

The theme for Dylan’s Bar Mitzvah was NYC but we wanted to focus on streets of New York and the  graffiti walls in the city . Together with Plamen from Domino Arts Photography  the graffiti walls in Fort Lauderdale was selected to incorporate an urban mood into the decor. The decorator incorporated the pictures by setting them on over sized faux brick walls which were sprayed with graffiti art. Photography : Domino Arts Photograpy

DYLAN PRESHOOTDYLAN PICMMore images from any of the above Bar or Bat Mitzvah – click on the pictures.

Tip:  Graffitti walls in Fort Lauderdale – how to get there. The area is between Andrews Avenue and Flagler Avenue, from Northwest 4th Street to Northwest 6th Street in the Downtown Fort Lauderdale Arts District.

Totally 80’s Theme Party



So excited and honored when asked by one of my clients asked me to help with the Auction for the Pinecrest School in Fort Lauderdale where her kids attended. Together with “exciting energy” of Auction chairs Steve Feder and Melissa Ackerman , we got to work. The theme was ” Let’s Go Back to the 80’s”. In collaboration with The Event Group,  the ballroom at the Harbor Beach Marriott was transformed into a total throwback to the 80’s.  An 80’s cover band entertained the guest’s with a surprise  appearance by Tone Loc who had everyone rapping on the dance floor. Guests arrived in outfits inspired by  ” Miami Vice”, Michael Jackson, Madonna and of course the infamous adidas original tracksuits.

Auction chairs Steve Feder and Melissa Ackerman.

Collage-toneloc80’s cover band with Rapper  Tone Loc famous in the 80’s for the hit song ” Wild Thing ” .





Decor details. The room was draped in white with uplighting which changed color through the evening. The tables were covered in ” hot  neon” colored linens from Over the Top linens. The black and white dance floor and black chivari chairs with white chair pads from Atlas Party Rental was a great combination with the colorful linens.  Each table had an over- sized light box with favorite memories of the  80’s – The Love Boat , Miami Vice , Dirty Dancing etc. The base of each centerpiece was covered with  retro candy popular in the 80’s. An 80’s backdrop covered the wall behind the stage. Back to the 80'sPicMonkey Collage2The auction was a huge success with guests not only supporting the school in a generous manner but also having a great evening.


Bar Mitzvah Theme: New York City

The Bar Mitzvah boy loved New York City so no hesitation in New York City as the theme for the Bar Mitzvah celebration. The  Bar Mitzvah celebration was held in Boca Raton, Florida at Delaire Country Club. Our inspiration was the New York Subway. Details of the theme were incorporated from the start with a subway map as the invitation liner. We scoured new york souvenir stores – each guest went home with an authentic NYC mug, caps and I love New York T- shirts. The dinner tables were covered with the New York Times place under  acrylic.  A 40 foot new york skyline  brought the city into the room. Graffiti art  with pictures of the Barmitzvah boy were set around the room. Royal tables, Black and white dancefloor, black chivari chairs, checkered taxi cab linens from Atlas Party Rental were used to dress the tables.   Most important our MC James  who flew in from New York with his “I love New York” tie. Photography : Domino Arts

New York Theme Bar MitzvahSubway map lined the invitations.

New York Theme Bar Mitzvah

New York Theme Bar MitzvahBoth our MC James and our Bar Mitzvah boy, Dylan adorned NYC logo ties.

James ny

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino ArtsNYC firefighter helmets- so much fun!

Placecard subway blogGuests found their seats on the Subway map.

PicMonkey Collage

Table number


Collage-mintcupGuests went home with NYC mugs and mints.

New York Theme Bar Mitzvah Die-cast taxi cabs from Saks Fifth Ave were set over checkered linens in the kids area.

New York Theme Bar Mitzvah Kids lounge area.

New York Theme Bar Mitzvah


New York Theme Bar MitzvahGuests went home with pretzels, personalized water bottles and baseball tees with DMR logos.

New York Theme Bar Mitzvah

New York Theme Bar MitzvahLets not forget our Lady of Liberty hats!

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino ArtsGreat family, so much fun! Our Bar Mitzvah boy wearing his party favor.

Wedding’s: Fabulous Engagement Shoots

Here are some of our favorite engagement sessions from past weddings. Having an engagement session is the perfect opportunity for  the couple to practice being in front of the camera, to get to know their  photographer and for the  photographer to understand how to get the best shot. Also, a good photo opportunity to get some great pictures for the couple. Many couples make the engagement session unique to them , for example the city where they met. The photographs are often used for a save the date, to create a guest book for the wedding and to include in the wedding website.

a. Marissa and Shawn1

Haring Photography

C. Marissa and Shawn

Haring Photography

M& S miami

Haring Photography

Marissa and Shawn in Miami, Florida with ” Desi ” (dog).


Jonathan Scott Photography

3 in 1

Jonathan Scott Photography


Jonathan Scott Photography

Peter and Paula in Chicago, Illinois.

Blogengagement shoot

The Big Day Wedding Photography, South Florida


The Big Day Wedding Photography, South Florida

 Christy and Mike in Delray Beach, Florida.