Succulent Flowers for the upcoming Wedding Season!

Let the Wedding Planning Begin!

It’s that time of of the year again, time to pick out your wedding flowers – Succulent flowers are back! These flowers are used for all purposes when planning your wedding from centerpieces and bouquets to boutonnieres and hair accessories. Succulents come in types of colors with a large variety to select from .  Integrating succulent flowers with other types of flowers are interesting and different look especially for the bride who wants a more ” earthy ” feeling to her wedding design. Here are some of our favorite designs and combinations of flowers.



Credit: Norwest Florist


Credit: Confetti Day Dreams


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Credit: Wedideas



Credit: Curious Floral



Credit: Robin Wood Florists



Linzi Events



Credit: The Knot



Credit : Bride Rama



Why Hire A Party Planner?

Why hire a Party Planner!!!!

2PicMonkey CollageWhen planning an event a lot of time and energy gets put into every detail from the invitations and centerpieces to party favors. Where do you start? Having so many different moving pieces and decisions to make can be overwhelming. The role of an event planner is to take you through the process in a calm and collected manner and most important allow you to be a guest at your own celebration.  Who wants to be checking on your vendors instead of enjoying your event. Handing over the ” to do” list and  ” what i want… ” list to your planner is enough of an investment.  Planners offer different levels of planning from full event planning to day of planning.

Here are some helpful tips we share with our clients:

Why Hire A Party Planner?

When it comes to hosting your events whether it be a Bar or Bar Mitzvah ,Wedding or Social Occasion and trying to keep costs down, hiring an event planner might seem like an unneeded expense. But that’s not the case. Below, we explain why hiring an Event Planner could be one of the best choices you will make when it comes to your special day.

1. Budget- This is all about saving the client money! Planners have experience with being given a budget and sticking to it or below. Most people think the expense of hiring an event planner will outweigh the cost of doing the event on their own, which is not true. Once a budget is determined your event planner can contact vendors and negotiate prices that they would typically not do for the host themselves.

2. Time Saver- Not all clients need to be bothered with every facet of their event. The most important part it to enjoy the process and be relieved of all stressful duties which is where the Event Planner will take over. Knowing the needs of the client from Day 1 allows the planning process to run smoothly so that the event can be enjoyed to the fullest.

3. Amazing Team behind Your Event- From the food and decor to the photographer, Event Planners have “tried and tested” vendors they continually work with who are both reliable and professional. We don’t want the flowers arriving late!!! Event Planners know the pros and cons of several different vendors  and can match the clients vision  with the “right” vendor suited to their specific needs.  This also helps with the price points as well with your Event Planners negotiating on your behalf.

4. Personalization- The role of the event planner is to bring your vision into a reality making sure your ideas are being heard.  Their  job is to make sure your dreams turn into a reality and that your event turns into something you will remember forever.

5.Details- Items such as a cake, dress, extra make-up etc. can easily be forgotten in the mist of the hectic chaos when the week/day of the event arrives. Event planners take all the necessary precautions when it comes to items such as these so that nothing goes unnoticed. The role of the event planner is to make sure you are a guest at your own celebration.  Taking care of the details of the day includes making sure your vendors arrive on time and fulfill their contract, drawing up a timeline so your day is smooth from start to finish and everything in between .

6. Last Minute- Many Event Planners do day-of events in the case of an emergency or in case the stress has taken over. Whether it is a day-of event or the full planning process planners go above and beyond to make sure that your event is above your expectations.