Why Hire a Party Planner for your celebration?

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Planning a Wedding , Bar/ Bat Mitzvah or lifetime event  is not as easy as selecting a color palate and finding songs to dance to. There’s a lot more involved and it takes a lot of time and energy. From vendors to venues and centerpieces to party favors there is a specific timeline used to plan an event. But, where do you start? With so many decisions to be made and different moving and interchangeable parts there are lots of places where something can go wrong.

Hiring a party planner offers a solution to this problem, because they are a professional in their field and have planned multiple events. A party planner has the all the knowledge and contacts needed to create a stress-free and most importantly, memorable event for both you and your guests.

It is commonly thought that hiring a professional party planner is going to be a big expense. But in reality, party planners have all the right contacts and know all the tips and tricks that will not only save you money, but also save you a great deal of time. This way, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing the quality of your  event and get the added bonus of getting to relax and enjoy the party.

To break things down, here are 5 reasons why you should hire a party planner.

  1. To save money: The most important reason to hire an event planner is to cut your costs. From their experience, party planners have built up an extensive list of contacts and vendors. Not only do these relationships give you the selection of the best vendors in the field, but they also help you cut costs dramatically. Additionally, party planners are  knowledgeable about the average costs for different aspects of an event. Most important  they also will keep you on track with your budgeting by helping you monitor your purchases throughout the process and don’t risk over spending .
  1. To save you time: The second biggest reason for hiring professional party planner is to save you time. Due to their experience a party planner can finish a task for the event in a lot less time than you could trying to figure it out for the first time. Plus not every small detail is important enough to have your life interrupted for. Leave it to the party planner to arrange things for you so you don’t spread yourself thin.
  1. To benefit from their connections: As mentioned above party planners have a vast knowledge of potential vendors. From the food and decor to the photographer and more, party planners have “tried and tested” vendors they continually work with who are guaranteed both reliable and professional. Don’t waste time searching online and hoping that the reviews on a vendor are honest when you have a party planner as a trustworthy source.
  1. To make less mistakes: A party planner has dedicated their whole life to the craft of successful event planning. They have the organization skills, experience from the past, and knowledge needed to prevent mistakes from occurring. Trying to plan an event on your own with little or no experience could lead to disaster. These inexperienced mistakes can cause you $$$, stress, and time. When you spend many days planning for one day you want to make sure the least amount of mistakes are made to keep you on track.
  1. To problem solve for you: Not only are party planners good at preventing mistakes from occurring, they are also exceptional at handling any mess ups during the planning process and most importantly during the day of the event. On your special day you don’t need to be bothered with the small stuff that can go wrong. Hiring a party planner lets you relax and enjoy your event so you can spend less time running around worrying about your guests or waiting for something to go wrong, and spend more of your precious time with the ones you love.

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Morrocan Theme Events

Traveling to an exotic place is often a dream of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah child. Morocco with its bright colors and mystical ambiance is a popular theme. Bright jewel tone colors such as orange, pink, turquoise, purple and red are the main color palette.  Authentic furniture such as tents, lamps, ottomans, rugs, pillows and other props are used to transform the event space.

Here are some photos from past events with a bright Moroccan vibe!

Blog Ceiling DetailDraping pulled to a center focal point gives you and your guests the feeling of being under a tent.Blog Bar

Blog Room

Blog Place CardsPlace cards with a Moroccan theme.

Blog Centerpiece 2Flowers arranged in a Moroccan style decorative box.Blog CenterpieceA little bit of magic for the kids area.

Blog Chair CoversDecorative themed chair backs in rich fabric from Nuage Designs.

Blog DancefloorBlack and white checkered dance floor pairs well with the bold color scheme of the party.

Blog Plates   Clear charger with gold trim accent from Atlas Party Rental.

Blog Moroccan01The Bat Mitzvah girl was carried out on top of a traditional sadan chair.

Blog SignA large rug with authentic Moroccan tables, chairs, and ottomans creates a great hang out space for kids. A lighted sign was hung displaying the logo of the event.

Blod Morocco PurpleA Bat Mitzvah featured on Mazel Moments with a unique tent design. Photograph from: Dan Aguirre Photography

Check out these other Moroccan themed finds from Pier 1. Blog Morocco Collage 1Here are some more floral centerpiece designs incorporating different colors  and types of flowers.

BLog indian cp

place card  gold vase

royal table



Dreamy Wedding Canopy Designs to Fall in Love With.

Wedding canopies are simply based on the style of the bride. Styles range from  draped fabric canopies  to  natural organic look or for the more contemporary bride using  acrylic to build the canopy.  There are so many different options and styles to choose and of course flowers are no longer simply white but can match the color of the wedding flowers   The venue can also dictates the style of the canopy offering a beautiful backdrop . Here are some wedding canopies which show the difference in style and personality of different couples.

Blog Arch 1

Acrylic canopy with a hedge of hydrangeas and hanging orchids set at the Flagler Museum.


Acrylic canopy with strings of orchids set inside the acrylic columns


Blog Arch 5

Fabric draped canopy with strands of ivy and clusters of flowers.

Blog Arch 7

Pretty in pink with the natural lighting offering a dreamy radiance.


Round canopy

Round hedge canopy with hydrangeas, roses and orchids.


Canopy using curly willow branches covered in flowers.


Blog Arch 10

This iron round canopy adorned with flowers perfect for a wedding ceremony outdoors.


Simply, elegant beach wedding .


Fun Fashion Forward Bat Mitzvah Theme

Selecting a fashion themed Bat Mitzvah is a wonderful way to express the true style and individuality of the guest of honor. From choosing her favorite designers to letting her be the designer, every detail of a fashion themed Bat Mitzvah will allow for unique personalization fitting the fashion diva it celebrates. With runways, and mannequins to dramatic color schemes and designers, there are so many different ways to enjoy designing a fashion themed Bat Mitzvah.

With Paris Fashion Week underway, every fashion forward girl can feel the excitement. Because, what girl doesn’t love knowing the latest fashions.

Here are some ideas to dress up your next fashion theme Bat Mitzvah!Blog Fashion Theme

The tables were designed to create the feeling of a runway.Blog centerpieceMannequins were dressed stylishly in feathers and flowers. Blog InvitationInvitation designed with the theme in mind complete with a wire mannequin.

Blog Candles

Candles flanked with miniature mannequins from Michael’s Craft Store. Blog Place cards 2

Dress tags are an adorable way to seat your guests. Blog Place Cards

Blog Collage     Mannequins dressed with real garments with matching table numbers.Blog table card 2

Blog Room Shot

Posters displaying favorite designers personalize the event. Fashion is the perfect place to mix different prints, textures and colors. Anything stylish will work!

Wedding Shoe Collection from Sarah Jessica Parker

Debuting her newest line of shoes, tailored just for brides, Sarah Jessica Parker has created the must have bridal shoe of the season.

Known for her role in Sex and the City as shoe loving Carrie Bradshaw, it is no surprise that Sarah Jessica Parker also shares a passion for pumps. Just last year, Sara Jessica Parker came out with her designer accessory line SJP, by Sara Jessica Parker causing a frenzy among her fans. And in the Martha Stewart Weddings 2015 Summer issue, brides-to-be got a first glimpse of her bridal focused shoe collection.

The collection consists of ten unique styles that includes surprising colors, dainty embellishments, and timeless shapes. These popular heels can be found at Zappos!.com, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales and are the perfect touch for any wedding-day style.

SJP Zappos

Zappos carries a large selection of the SJP, by Sarah Jessica Parker collection. Pictured here: (from top left to bottom right) Angelica, Carrie, Louise and Valentina.

SJP Nordstrom

Nordstrom also has a selection from the SJP bridal collection. Shown here: (left to right) Tempest and Mary.

What can be considered the most unique aspect of this new line of bridal shoes is the light blue grosgrain ribbon that lines the back of the shoes completing the perfect bridal look with “something blue”.

SJP Fawn Lace

Shoe: Lace Fawn from Zappos

We can all agree that Carrie Bradshaw would be obsessed herself with owning a pair of these fashion forward bridal shoes.