Philadelphia Themed Bar Mitzvah

Choosing your favorite place to visit or a place that is close to your heart is a great theme for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Our Bar Mitzvah boy has a special place in his heart for Philadelphia, so Linzi Events took all of the things that give meaning to the famous city and brought them to his celebration. Together with JM Event Productions,  we designed the décor to incorporate elements of the grand history of Philadelphia. Of course we had to complete the party with an infamous Philly Cheesesteak stand!

Photo Credit: Domino Arts Photography


Linzi Events

The place card table and place cards incorporated the famous liberty bell.

roberts dance crew

Getting ready to party with Premier Power Productions.

You create the magic, we make it last forever - Domino Arts

Royal tables with floral tablescapes .

You create the magic, we make it last forever - Domino Arts

Each table was covered with a  piece of history in Philadelphia. This table was covered with photographs of Independence Hall .


You create the magic, we make it last forever - Domino Arts

Roberts table

You create the magic, we make it last forever - Domino Arts

You create the magic, we make it last forever - Domino Arts

Linzi Events

White medallion chairs with clear backs.

Linzi Events

Candle lighting was detailed with American Flags


You create the magic, we make it last forever - Domino Arts

All the entertainers wore a custom t-shirt with the logo designed for the Bar Mitzvah which incorporated the liberty bell and initials of the Bar Mitzvah.

You create the magic, we make it last forever - Domino Arts

Everyone got a taste of a Philly Cheesesteak .

Roberts philly

Linzi Events

The delicious dessert bar with hints of Philadelphia memorabilia. All desserts were made by our Mitzvah boys mom.



Real Weddings, A Palm Beach Wedding

After receiving such a large response to our Unique Wedding Locations blog post and getting many requests to hear more about weddings that we have planned at the Flagler Museum, we wanted to give everyone a closer look at one of the fabulous weddings that took place there.

From the ceremony to the reception, this wedding was absolutely breathtaking. Surrounded by beautiful architecture, exceptional food, and lively entertainment, the bride, groom and their guests were able to dance the night away in one of the most majestic settings on Palm Beach Island.


Saint Annes Catholic Church

Christy and Mike’s wedding ceremony took place at Saint Anne’s Catholic Church



Bridesmaids were dressed in soft pink long dresses with light pink rose bouquets to match


bridal bouquet

The bride was absolutely stunning in her lace detailed dress while carrying a bouquet of white roses with accents of diamonds throughout it


bridal shoes

Unlike most typical brides, Christy was rocking a pair of lace detailed keds under her dress


Blog church1


After the ceremony, the bridal party and groomsmen were escorted to the reception by  trolley


entrance- flagler

The reception was held at the exquisite Flagler Museum on Palm Beach Island


room shot

The Flagler Museum is a remarkable venue space having many stunning details within its architecture


table scape

Guests admired the elegant centerpieces on each table



Clear chargers with gold studded rims sat in front of each guest


favorite memory 2

Also on each table were index cards for friends and family to write their favorite memory of the couple on



Everyone was invited to dress up in fun costume pieces and take pictures in front of a green screen


Florida Gators

What would be a more appropriate wedding garter for a Florida Gator fan?!


flip flops

The bride came prepared to dance the night away with her comfy customized flip flops


food dessert items

Towards the end of the evening,  guests indulged in delicious dessert displayed in martini glasses as well as cookies and milk



cake 2

The beautiful wedding cake designed for the bride and her fire fighter groom




Run for a Mitzvah – Tzvika’s 5 km Run

The highlight of Mitzvah planning for 2015 was Tzvika’s 5 km run held at Oleta River State Park in North Miami Beach which was planned for Tzvika’s Mitzvah project.  Our first steps were to select a venue that had a 5km trail and obtain the necessary permits to hold the event.   We contracted with Accuchip Race timing services who provided state of the art timing services for our runners.We designed a custom logo  for the event which was printed on t shirts , signage and water bottles. Linzi Events provided all mile markers and water stations as well as event coordination and management.  All our runners were treated to a well deserved  Icee after a long run on a  very hot summer day.


eva bar mitzvah sneaker logo final

A custom invitation was designed for the event with copy written by Tzvika, our Bar Mitvah .

Dear Family and Friends,

B’Ezras Hashem this summer I will become a Bar Mitzvah. My parents want this to be a meaningful experience for me so they asked me to create a fundraiser in honor of my Bar Mitzvah. Running has always been something that I love to do, I decided to create a 5k run to raise money for colon cancer research. I’m named after my grandfather, “Saba Tzvika,” who died from colon cancer before I was able to meet him. I would love to help others avoid such a loss. It would be an honor if you could help me with this, my first mitzvah project.

To qualify for the run I ask that you raise a minimum (there is no maximum!) of $36 for adults and $18 for kids in sponsorships. Of course donations are welcome from those who cannot make the run. In Pirkei Avot, it says that one should run to do a mitzvah because one mitzvah leads to another mitzvah. I hope that the starting line of this race is just the beginning of many mitzvahs for all of us.




Our Bar Mitzvah boy getting ready to take on the race.


Morning Prayers.

Blog t shirt

Our fabulous Mitzvah who was the driver behind this project.

race start


start of the race

And off they go…


blog 11

blog 6

Our winners


Blog 4

blog 9

Team at Linzi events . We love planning Mitzvahs.


So You’re Engaged, Now What?

Congratulations on your recent engagement!

You are  so elated, and want to tell everyone about the exciting news and get started on planning your big day!

But who do you tell  first and what are your next steps?!

1. Of course, first on your call list should be your relatives and then your closest of friends.

It’s important to personally tell people that are closest to you about your engagement before making your big announcement on social media.

C. Marissa and Shawn

Credit: Haring Photography


2. Get your ring sized and most importantly added to your insurance. Having your ring insured will put your mind at peace.


Credit: Kristen Somody Whalen


3. Set a window of time that you would like your wedding to take place. For Florida Brides, high season is from November until April. If you are considering a Florida wedding, be aware that prices are considerably higher during this period of time.

Henry Morrison Flagler Museum Wedding Palm Beach

Credit: The Big Day Wedding Photography


4. Set your budget. This may be a delicate situation but if you have it set from the start, it will make for a much easier and stress free process

Candy Apples

Credit: Jeff Kolodny


5. Organize your guest count. Your guest count determines your budget as well as the size of the venue space you can select.

henry Morrison Flagler Museum

Credit: The Big Day Wedding Photography


6. Now, its time to get a wedding planner. At this point it is important to secure your key vendors such as your venue, photographer, videographer entertainment, and florist. An event planner will help you to stay in your budget, advise you on tried and tested professional vendors within your budget, negotiate all of your contracts, and most importantly, allow you to be a guest at your own wedding on your special day.

Bonde girl


7. Think about where you want to get married. Do you want a local venue or a destination wedding? Be sure to select your venue based on your personality and your vision for your special day. Check out our blog on unique wedding venues some ideas!

Megan and Jon Tables

Credit: Jeff Kolodny


8. Start a pintrest or vision board for your wedding so you can share your ideas when it comes time to select details such as flowers, invitations, your dress and a color palette for your bridal party.


Credit: Kristen Somody Whalen


9. At this point, let your wedding planner guide you through the process. Your wedding should be a stress free and fun process. You get married, and we’ll take care of all the details!

happy couple