The highlight of Mitzvah planning for 2015 was Tzvika’s 5 km run held at Oleta River State Park in North Miami Beach which was planned for Tzvika’s Mitzvah project.  Our first steps were to select a venue that had a 5km trail and obtain the necessary permits to hold the event.   We contracted with Accuchip Race timing services who provided state of the art timing services for our runners.We designed a custom logo  for the event which was printed on t shirts , signage and water bottles. Linzi Events provided all mile markers and water stations as well as event coordination and management.  All our runners were treated to a well deserved  Icee after a long run on a  very hot summer day.


eva bar mitzvah sneaker logo final

A custom invitation was designed for the event with copy written by Tzvika, our Bar Mitvah .

Dear Family and Friends,

B’Ezras Hashem this summer I will become a Bar Mitzvah. My parents want this to be a meaningful experience for me so they asked me to create a fundraiser in honor of my Bar Mitzvah. Running has always been something that I love to do, I decided to create a 5k run to raise money for colon cancer research. I’m named after my grandfather, “Saba Tzvika,” who died from colon cancer before I was able to meet him. I would love to help others avoid such a loss. It would be an honor if you could help me with this, my first mitzvah project.

To qualify for the run I ask that you raise a minimum (there is no maximum!) of $36 for adults and $18 for kids in sponsorships. Of course donations are welcome from those who cannot make the run. In Pirkei Avot, it says that one should run to do a mitzvah because one mitzvah leads to another mitzvah. I hope that the starting line of this race is just the beginning of many mitzvahs for all of us.




Our Bar Mitzvah boy getting ready to take on the race.


Morning Prayers.

Blog t shirt

Our fabulous Mitzvah who was the driver behind this project.

race start


start of the race

And off they go…


blog 11

blog 6

Our winners


Blog 4

blog 9

Team at Linzi events . We love planning Mitzvahs.