Pretty in Pink Bat Mitzvah in Boca Raton

A Pretty in Pink Bat Mitzvah held at Boca Grove Country Club in  Boca Raton , Florida.  The logo was designed with a pink rose incorporated into the name and  used throughout the decor . The centerpiece were oversized paper roses combined with ” blinged ” box of natural pink roses and hyrangeas. The room was draped in pink fabric  washed with fuschia pink uplighting. Credit : Photography by Linzi

Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ cp3

Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ Romy

Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ Room shot3

Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ Room shot


A.Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ Room shot

C Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ Room shot

Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ cp2

Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ cp

B.Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ Room shot

Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ place setting

Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ placecards

Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ chair

Chair for the horah was signed by all the guests.

Batmitzvah - Boca Raton _ mc

Don’t forget to tell your entertainment to wear ” pink”.




Food Trends For Your Event

Food plays a major role at events,  its one of the main components that makes a party successful. As we see more and more “foodies” emerging, serving a basic meat and potato meal at your event just wont cut it!  Guests are looking to see appealing displays and creative food options that give a real wow factor!

Take a look at these fun food trends from some of our recent events!

Food trucks! Linzi Events had a French Fry Truck with 17, yes 17 different dipping sauces waiting outside a party for guests to grab a late night snack to go. It was a hit!


“Create your own” stations are also becoming very trendy- having an interactive meal is always fun!

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

Bring your favorite restaurant or brand of food to your party. For this Bar Mitzvah, the guest of honored NEEDED to have his favorite ice cream at the party, so Linzi Events arranged an ice cream parlor resembling Jaxon’s to be set up. It was complete with employees dressed in Jaxson’s ice cream uniforms and of course the infamous Jaxson’s ice cream

You create the magic, we make it last forever - Domino Arts

Desserts presented in unique ways

Food blog baseball

Soccer cupcakes

under water dessert

Food items created  to work with the theme of the event.

Stay trendy: The National Restaurant Association has forecasted the following food and beverage trends for 2016 : Locally sourced meat and seafood, locally grown produce, natural ingredients, sustainable seafood, homemade artisan ice cream and ethnic cuisine.

Max’s Club Themed Bar Mitzvah

Linzi Events planned a club themed Bar Mitzvah that took place at the JW Marriot Marquis in Miami, Florida. The basketball court which  overlooks the beautiful intercostal was transformed into an over the top club for the mitzvah boy. Max’s celebration consisted of a grand entrance where he emerged from a cloud of fog, L.E.D robots and an explosion of confetti that came down like snow. Guests were in awe by the fabulous décor, delicious food and outstanding entertainment. It was definitely a night for the books!

Photo Credit: Mavila Photography

table center


placecard table

Max Feinberg Mitzvah F0180

Max Feinberg Mitzvah F0182



Max Feinberg Mitzvah F0302

Max Feinberg Mitzvah F0476

Max Feinberg Mitzvah F0453

Max Feinberg Mitzvah F0293


Max Feinberg Mitzvah F0480

ice cream bar

Max Feinberg Mitzvah F0514

CPMax Feinberg Mitzvah F0515




Basketball Themed Parties

In honor of the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game tonight, Linzi Events wants to share some photos from basketball themed parties that we have planned for our clients.  We always try to incorporate authentic items such as basketball memorabilia into our designs, as well as use a venue space that enhances the party theme. From basketball themed décor to celebrity appearances, these parties are sure to satisfy any basketball enthusiast.

Blog 1 Entire Room

Photo Credit: Jeff Kolodny


Photo Credit: Jeff Kolodny

Blog 2 Teen Photos

Photo Credit: Jeff Kolodny

Blog 4 Bar

Photo Credit: Jeff Kolodny

Blog 12 Invitation

A basketball themed invitation by Plain Jane Graphics


Blog 17 Harlem Wizards

Photo Credit: Linzi Photography


Blog 7 LA Basketball

Photo Credit: Linzi Photography


Blog 15 LA Party Favor

Photo Credit: Linzi Photography

Blog 8 LA Hat

Photo Credit: Linzi Photography

basketball copy

Photo Credit: Linzi Photography



New York Yankees Themed Bar Mitzvah

Linzi Events planned a destination Bar Mitzvah in Rockville, Maryland at the  Woodmont Country Club . Our Mitzvah boy and his family were diehard NYY baseball fans. Of course, the theme was non other than the New York Yankees.  A custom logo was designed by IsparkleEvents  which was used throughout the event against a palette of navy blue and white .  A huge shout out to Robby’s mom who worked tirelessly, hand in hand with Linzi Events to give her son a night to remember.

Photography credit : Jason Weil  Decor: Eventrevolution

Blog invitation FullSizeRender

Credit: Plainjanegraphics

BLog invitation


Blog 5 Stnad up 2015_1121RobbyLefkowitzBarMitzvah_0293

Blog Place card table - 2015_1121RobbyLefkowitzBarMitzvah_0298

Blog place card3226

Blog 2015_1121RobbyLefkowitzBarMitzvah_0320

Blog1 2015_1121RobbyLefkowitzBarMitzvah_0327

Blog 4  kids area wall h_0266

Blog kids lounge area   Blog 6 NEW York yankees table number 2015_1121RobbyLefkowitzBarMitzvah_0372

Blog 2015_1121RobbyLefkowitzBarMitzvah_0383 (1)


Blog  3 centepiece2015_1121RobbyLefkowitzBarMitzvah_0259

Blog Banner NYY2015_1121RobbyLefkowitzBarMitzvah_0305

Blog DJ front board 2015_1121RobbyLefkowitzBarMitzvah_0286


Blog menu card New york yankees2015_1121RobbyLefkowitzBarMitzvah_0303

Cockatail blog 2015_1121RobbyLefkowitzBarMitzvah_0310

2015_1121RobbyLefkowitzBarMitzvah_0812 BLog t shirt IMG_3067


Blog napkin