Who Wants To Play Tennis? A Tennis Themed Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Flashback to fabulous tennis themed  Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. We have had a recent slew of Mitzvah clients with a passion for tennis .

Linzi Events took the client’s passion for tennis and turned it into the ultimate sports party. What better place to have this event but in “center court”  at the Delray Beach Tennis Center  under a clear tent .

Photography: Jeff Kolodny Photography

tennis 7

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tennis entrance

Entrance to center court.

tennis place card

tennis 1

A contemporary design for the table scapes using orchids and calla lilies set in a multitude of glass vases.


tennis 10

tennis 16

“Invitational passes” were used as place cards.


tennis 6

Tables were named by court number-a small but fun detail added to the party décor.


tennis 13

Kids lounge ” VIP ” lounge area.

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Take home sports bag for guests.

Ultra Club Dance Theme Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen

A Club theme for your  Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah or Sweet 16 celebration is very  popular for families who do not want a specific theme but rather a fun party atmosphere.

Decor elements include lounge furniture, bar stool height tables,  a great looking bar ( for adults) . Lighting for this type of event is where you will spend the most money as this creates this creates the club atmosphere.

Helpful tip. Laser shows are great for a club theme .Using haze is best to get the most effect from this type of lighting  , however  make sure you inform the venue so they can switch off smoke detectors or you can hire a fire marshal.

Below are pictures from Amanda’s Bat Mitzvah at St. Andrew’s Country Club in Boca Raton. Photography: Santa Barbara Photography

Bat Mitzvah

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Blog Klayman 1

Sweet 16 at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa . All the bells and whistles including video walls , lasers,  CO2 guns , confetti and electrifying robots  were used in planning this event. Light up acrylic tables accompanied with acrylic bar stools and furniture were used for guest seating.

Blog Taggart 4

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Blog Robot CollageBlog Taggart 7

Adults also want to be part of the party . Create a great bar and lounge area for adults to ” hang”  and enjoy the club atmosphere.



Last but not least everyone love’s the confetti cannon.

Blog Klayman 4

Why Hire a Party Planner for your celebration?

PicMonkey Collage2

Planning a Wedding , Bar/ Bat Mitzvah or lifetime event  is not as easy as selecting a color palate and finding songs to dance to. There’s a lot more involved and it takes a lot of time and energy. From vendors to venues and centerpieces to party favors there is a specific timeline used to plan an event. But, where do you start? With so many decisions to be made and different moving and interchangeable parts there are lots of places where something can go wrong.

Hiring a party planner offers a solution to this problem, because they are a professional in their field and have planned multiple events. A party planner has the all the knowledge and contacts needed to create a stress-free and most importantly, memorable event for both you and your guests.

It is commonly thought that hiring a professional party planner is going to be a big expense. But in reality, party planners have all the right contacts and know all the tips and tricks that will not only save you money, but also save you a great deal of time. This way, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing the quality of your  event and get the added bonus of getting to relax and enjoy the party.

To break things down, here are 5 reasons why you should hire a party planner.

  1. To save money: The most important reason to hire an event planner is to cut your costs. From their experience, party planners have built up an extensive list of contacts and vendors. Not only do these relationships give you the selection of the best vendors in the field, but they also help you cut costs dramatically. Additionally, party planners are  knowledgeable about the average costs for different aspects of an event. Most important  they also will keep you on track with your budgeting by helping you monitor your purchases throughout the process and don’t risk over spending .
  1. To save you time: The second biggest reason for hiring professional party planner is to save you time. Due to their experience a party planner can finish a task for the event in a lot less time than you could trying to figure it out for the first time. Plus not every small detail is important enough to have your life interrupted for. Leave it to the party planner to arrange things for you so you don’t spread yourself thin.
  1. To benefit from their connections: As mentioned above party planners have a vast knowledge of potential vendors. From the food and decor to the photographer and more, party planners have “tried and tested” vendors they continually work with who are guaranteed both reliable and professional. Don’t waste time searching online and hoping that the reviews on a vendor are honest when you have a party planner as a trustworthy source.
  1. To make less mistakes: A party planner has dedicated their whole life to the craft of successful event planning. They have the organization skills, experience from the past, and knowledge needed to prevent mistakes from occurring. Trying to plan an event on your own with little or no experience could lead to disaster. These inexperienced mistakes can cause you $$$, stress, and time. When you spend many days planning for one day you want to make sure the least amount of mistakes are made to keep you on track.
  1. To problem solve for you: Not only are party planners good at preventing mistakes from occurring, they are also exceptional at handling any mess ups during the planning process and most importantly during the day of the event. On your special day you don’t need to be bothered with the small stuff that can go wrong. Hiring a party planner lets you relax and enjoy your event so you can spend less time running around worrying about your guests or waiting for something to go wrong, and spend more of your precious time with the ones you love.

Call Linzi Events at (561)  706 – 5111 for a complimentary consultation.



Tips for Event Decor : Finding the Perfect Chair

Designing a room for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Wedding or Social Event, we pay a lot of attention to selecting the right chair to ” dress ” the table. The chair can add color to the room, work with the theme and create a traditional or contemporary feel to the event space. We are fortunate as the event rental industry have come with so many more choices.

Tip: When pulling together your  budget , we suggest you include rentals as a line item. When working with our clients we pay close attention to budget . With the right selection of chairs and linens, your dollars can go a long way and totally change the look and feel of the event space.

Pictures below are event spaces designed for our clients using different chairs.

70’s Theme Bat Mitzvah we selected, The Sally Chair from Bubble Miami . Totally worked with the theme and definitely dressed this table.


Neil Cohen Photography

A Basketball Themed Bar Mitzvah held on a basketball court.The client wanted her tables to have a modern contemporary fee. The White Valencia Chairs from Classic Party Rental was selected.

Jeff Kolodny Photography

Chivari  chairs come in variety of  colors including acrylic . A Wedding in Boca Raton, the  acrylic Chavari Chairs  complimented the acrylic chuppah.


Bar Mitzvah Nautical Theme, white Chivari chairs were perfect  against the blue and white striped linens. Navy blue chair pads were selected match the  table linen.

LInzi Events

Jeff Kolodny Photography

Pink chivari chairs against a turquoise ” bling” table linen. Pink chivari chairs from Classic Party Rental.

Domino Arts

A Bar Mitzvah ceremony recently held at The Gallery Of Amazing Things in Hollywood, the ghost chair from Atlas Party Rental were selected. Perfectly complemented the contemporary feel of the museum.

Toni Jade Photography

Spandex chair covers from Over the Top certainly added color to recent school prom . The theme was  ” Live in Color ”  . The  white spandex chair covers with band to match the spandex linen was all we needed to create the look we wanted and totally transform the room.

Recent Bat Mitzvah designed by Jose Graterol , not only did we use different size tables but each table had different chairs. White ghost chairs, acrylic ghost chairs and upholstered chairs from Jose Graterol were placed at the head’s of the royal tables .

Domino Arts

Domino Arts

Most important, have fun designing your space and creating your signature look.