Who Wants To Play Tennis? A Tennis Themed Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Flashback to fabulous tennis themed  Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. We have had a recent slew of Mitzvah clients with a passion for tennis .

Linzi Events took the client’s passion for tennis and turned it into the ultimate sports party. What better place to have this event but in “center court”  at the Delray Beach Tennis Center  under a clear tent .

Photography: Jeff Kolodny Photography

tennis 7

blog 1

tennis entrance

Entrance to center court.

tennis place card

tennis 1

A contemporary design for the table scapes using orchids and calla lilies set in a multitude of glass vases.


tennis 10

tennis 16

“Invitational passes” were used as place cards.


tennis 6

Tables were named by court number-a small but fun detail added to the party décor.


tennis 13

Kids lounge ” VIP ” lounge area.

blog 3

Take home sports bag for guests.

Winter Themed Events

Our favorite Winter themed party ideas for throwing the perfect seasonal event.  Whether you are enjoying the sun and the sand in south Florida or up north cozy by the fireplace, winter season is here!

This beautiful season has inspired many of our event themes. Snowy mountain backdrops and glossy ice-like dance floors are just a couple of décor elements that made guests feel as if they were truly in a winter wonderland.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

A mountain backdrop helped to set the scene of a snowy day on a mountain

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

The dance floor was wrapped to look like an ice skating rink

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

Silver and white color palette.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

These ghost chairs picked up the blue tones from the up lighting helping to give off an icy look

winter wonderland 12

An ice sculpture – perfect for a winter themed party

winter wonderland8

Ice bar with puffs of snow at the base.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

The place card table with a winter cabin feel complete with wood fire logs.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

A ski – perfect for a bar/ bat mitzvah sign in for guests.

winter  wonderland table

Guests sat under birchwood canopies with cascading white flowers. Santa Barbara Photography

room shots

Ice sculpture cocktail table centerpieces. Credit: Santa Barbara Photography

Winter wonderland

Don’t forget your warm beanie !






Wedding and Event Trends for 2013 – Gourmet Food Trucks

Wedding and event trends for 2013 are reporting food trucks as a creative way to feed your guests. Over the past two years the event industry has exploded with over 30 Gourmet Food Trucks in and around Miami. Many of the South Florida region’s great chefs are taking their show on the road, offering top-quality food in a transportable ,  innovative way.

If you have a laid back park setting for your wedding or similar large open space  – Food trucks are an innovative way to cater for your guests. Not only is it cool and different but there is so much choice. There are food trucks for every type of food you can imagine.

Before the urban revolution of food trucks , guests at my events were given late night “to go” eats including pizza slices set on decorated buffet tables or a coffee cart with cookies . Now we can offer our guests a gastronomical experience. A decorated food truck pulls  up to valet ready to serve your guests a gourmet grilled cheese or for a sugar rush some freshly baked  cupcakes and brownies.

Miamieater.com  lists the Best  Food Truck experiences on their website.  My choice for my late night guests would be Ms.Cheezious who offers inventive spin on the  grilled cheese. Some delicious carbohydrates for that late night snack.  For my guests with a sweet tooth I would go with Sugar Rush whose favorites include the Cake ‘n’ Shake, fried treats and freshly baked cupcakes and brownies.

The best is to Google “gourmet food truck events”  and have your own personal food tasting experience and seek the ultimate food experience that would best suit your guests. Here is a link  – http://greatfoodlist.wordpress.com/south-florida-food-truck-schedule/


Bat Mitzvah Party Theme, a Japanese Garden.

One of the most beautiful Bat Mitzvah’s we planned in Boca Raton, Florida was for Royce, whose theme for her Bat Mitzvah Party was a “Japanese Garden”. Together with a team of amazing event decorators from Xquisite events led by designer Jon Buick an “oriental” evening was created.

Guest entered the reception hall  through a Japanese inspired Garden greeted by a geisha girl.

Guest place cards were paper leaves hanging from cherry blossom branches.

Japanese inspired cocktail hour entertainment was provided for the kids in the cocktail area.

Entrance to the reception featured a sign welcoming guests to Royce’s Japanese garden.

The room was  decorated with hedges of bouganvillia   connecting one table to the next with beautful  centerpieces adorned with multitudes of orchids in jewel tones.  Gold charger plates and black chivari chairs with red satin chair pads completed the look.

The main table for the extended family and friends was set under a Japanese Pagoda with hanging Japanese lanterns.  Bowls with  candles and  floating orchids were set across  the table.

Long tables with cushions with cushions in jewel tones were set on the floor for the children’s dining , true Japanese style.

A Japanese Theme would not be complete without boats of sushi . A Japanese styed  appetizer and dessert plate complemented the menu.

The adults went home with bonsai tree to take care of and the children each received a sweat shirt with a saying by Royce,  ” Confucious says, Party with Royce , Live  Long Time ” . What an incredible event with an amazing family who enjoyed every minute of  the celebration.

Wedding Cakes. Buttercream or Fondant?

Wedding cakes can be stunning to look at, especially if you have it iced with fondant, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a beautiful cake will be as delicious as it looks.

Wedding cake by We Take the Cake

Butter cream has long been the traditional and most popular icing for a wedding cake . There are good reasons why a bride will select buttercream. It is the best the best value when it comes to price per slice. Most wedding cakes are charged according to the number of people it will serve.The texture is creamy and light and not excessively sweet. It is  soft and easy to cut and use to decorate with  designs such as  basket weave and swags.
The flip side  is that because butter cream is made with real butter, the cake may need to be kept in a cool place as heat could cause the decorations to run and drip. You should let the baker know if your cake will be displayed under hot lights, or outdoors, as they can take steps to avoid total meltdown by using shortening instead of butter. The pictures below are cakes using butter cream icing . We love using fresh flowers to decorate the cake which coordinate with the flowers used in the reception.

Fondant is popular because it is so versatile, gives a smooth professional finish . The icing is made of sugar, corn syrup, gelatine and glycerine and is rolled out in sheets which are wrapped around each tier of the cake. Rolled fondant wedding cakes are probably the most requested of all wedding cakes today, because there is simply so many things you can do with them. You can bake any shape cake you like and then roll the fondant icing over the top to contour the shape of the cake.The fondant cake is so versatile it can cater for any wedding theme. Rolled fondant, poured fondant and sculpting fondant can all be used with such great effect that the fondant cakes become works of art and the cake maker a true artist.

This beautiful fondant cake was selected by our bride from We take the Cake in Fort Lauderdale. The crystal diamond trim set between the layers added an elegant touch to this beautiful cake.

Ana Paz in Miami created this delicate fondant wedding cake with beautiful detail.

And now for the ” wow” a different themed wedding cake designed by Sandra from Sandra’s Cakes.

A wedding cake by the ” queen ” of wedding cake design, Sylvia Weinstock.