Party Ideas: Themed Place Cards

When guest walk into an event, one of the first things they see is the place card arrangement. Make a great first impression of your party by having a creative display of your place cards!  Linzi Events loves to create unique place card displays that match the clients party theme and help to enhance the overall look of the décor.

beachBeach chairs placed in sand were used as place card holders for this beach themed wedding

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

Linzi Events used real grass to display Lane’s place cards- a perfect way to bring elements of a soccer field to the party

lacrossVIP access passes were used for Sam’s tennis themed Bar Mitzvah

Images that leave you speechless - Domino ArtsColorful mini envelopes were a fun and creative way to display escort cards

nyyStriped Place cards to resemble the NYY uniform were displayed on top of a shadow box filled with New York Yankees memorabilia

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino ArtsAs guests entered into this California themed party, they found their table number displayed on a post card from California.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino ArtsShoes were hung on a metal fence with guest table numbers attached for this urban theme / graffiti  themed Bar Mitzvah.

B’nai Mitzvah – Saturday Night Live


Sophie and Luke B’nai Mitzvah was definitely one for the books! Saturday Night Live (in Miami) was the theme with urban grafitti street elements. Using the first initial of their names in the logo worked perfectly!

Photo Credit: Photography By Linzi

room shot 3

The room was beautifully decorated with oversized balloons, and pops of the colors blue, yellow and pink. Sophie and Luke’s “SNL” logo was displayed throughout the party on the DJ booth, big screen T.V’s and the furniture.


room shot



A unique way for place cards to be displayed at the Bar Mitzvah.


snl logo 2

Sophie and Luke’s logo



Centerpieces were created using hand sprayed graffiti lamp shades combined with an arrangement of multicolored water filled vases. A special effects lighting system was used to allow different colors to fade in and out from the lampshade


centerpieces 1


s&l  bar

The front of the bar was created using a brick like design with Sophie and Luke’s logo mounted on top of it. Photos of the kids were displayed on an urban looking fence with flowers hung sporadically around them


heat band

The Bat Mitzvah girl made her grand entrance surrounded by the Miami Heat Band!


walking in with heat dancers

The Bar Mitzvah boy was escorted in by the Miami Heat Dancers!


Miami heat dancers

The Miami Heat dancers about to perform their routine!


hasan 4

The biggest and most exciting surprise of the night was the sports celebrity appearance by Hassan Whiteside, the center for the Miami Heat basketball team!


hassan 3

Hassan Whiteside of the Miami Heat posing with our B’nai Mitzvah kids.


sweatshirts 2

All of the kids at the party left with a sweatshirt as well a photo of Hassan Whiteside hand signed by him while he was at the  party!

Winter Themed Events

Our favorite Winter themed party ideas for throwing the perfect seasonal event.  Whether you are enjoying the sun and the sand in south Florida or up north cozy by the fireplace, winter season is here!

This beautiful season has inspired many of our event themes. Snowy mountain backdrops and glossy ice-like dance floors are just a couple of décor elements that made guests feel as if they were truly in a winter wonderland.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

A mountain backdrop helped to set the scene of a snowy day on a mountain

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

The dance floor was wrapped to look like an ice skating rink

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

Silver and white color palette.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

These ghost chairs picked up the blue tones from the up lighting helping to give off an icy look

winter wonderland 12

An ice sculpture – perfect for a winter themed party

winter wonderland8

Ice bar with puffs of snow at the base.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

The place card table with a winter cabin feel complete with wood fire logs.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

A ski – perfect for a bar/ bat mitzvah sign in for guests.

winter  wonderland table

Guests sat under birchwood canopies with cascading white flowers. Santa Barbara Photography

room shots

Ice sculpture cocktail table centerpieces. Credit: Santa Barbara Photography

Winter wonderland

Don’t forget your warm beanie !






Under the Water – Barmitzvah and Batmitzvah Themes

An Under the Water themed Bar Mitvah or Bat Mitzvah is a great way to cool down in the Summer. Here are some unique ideas we have used to create an  an underwater paradise.

Blog fish under waterBar Mitzvah at the PGA Fishing Hall of Fame.

Under the SeaBlue lighting is the essential for an Under the Water themed event.  Additionally, choosing white and clear decor will effortlessly distribute the lighting choice throughout the room. Blog water dance floor

Blog place cardsFor those who love the beach as much as they love the water, incorporating sand and beach chairs into the decor is a great way to integrate a beach feel at your Under the Water event.

Place cardsSea glass is a creative way to display table cards for your guests. Addison Reserve Country Club Aqua theme.


CenterpieceA nautical approach to an Under the Water theme is perfect for a boat enthusiast.

Blog Napkin Ring

Sea shell napkin ring table place set at the Addison Reserve AQUA event.

Blog Blue CupBlue glassware and matching Azure Charger that resembled waves from Atlas Party rental are perfect table accessories.

Blog Charger

Blog addision centerpiece

Blog centerpieceFloral centerpieces using flowers with colors to resemble an Under the Water coral seascape completed with shells and starfish.

Blog Macaron ClamsMacaroon shells can be used to make clam cookies, made by the culinary team at the Addison Reserve Country Club for their AQUA event. Blog Mermaid TailsFondant mermaid tails placed on top cupcakes, also made by the culinary team at the Addison Reserve Country Club.Blog shoesFlip-flops are a unique gift for guests at your event. Try personalizing them with your chosen logo for your Under the Water theme.

Blog Sunglass invitaion

An invitation sent for a Bnai Mitzvah complete with a pair of sunglasses. Blog flying fishThese remote controlled floating fish were a hit at our last Under the Water Bat Mitzvah. What a fun way to interact with your guests making your party stand out above the rest.


Napkin Rings- A Small Detail That Can Make A Big Difference!

Planning a Wedding , Bar/ Bat Mitzvah or Social occasion. How do I make my table look like a million dollars with simple detail that does not break the budget?

Napkin rings are an easy way to embellish a table setting and enhance the theme or look of the table. From extravagant and bold to elegant and simple, the options of napkin rings are endless! This small accessory can completely change the look of your table setting –  rhinestone, acrylic, metal or make a  paper napkin ring with the logo of your event . Below are photos of some of our favorite napkin rings that we have used at recent events.

rebeccas napkin ring



credit: Neil Cohen Photography

tiffany blue napin clear ring

credit: neil cohen photography


orange napkin white ring

credit: Jeff Kolodny Photography

blue napkin silver ring

morocan napkin ring