Who Wants To Play Tennis? A Tennis Themed Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Flashback to fabulous tennis themed  Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. We have had a recent slew of Mitzvah clients with a passion for tennis .

Linzi Events took the client’s passion for tennis and turned it into the ultimate sports party. What better place to have this event but in “center court”  at the Delray Beach Tennis Center  under a clear tent .

Photography: Jeff Kolodny Photography

tennis 7

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tennis entrance

Entrance to center court.

tennis place card

tennis 1

A contemporary design for the table scapes using orchids and calla lilies set in a multitude of glass vases.


tennis 10

tennis 16

“Invitational passes” were used as place cards.


tennis 6

Tables were named by court number-a small but fun detail added to the party décor.


tennis 13

Kids lounge ” VIP ” lounge area.

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Take home sports bag for guests.

Winter Themed Events

Our favorite Winter themed party ideas for throwing the perfect seasonal event.  Whether you are enjoying the sun and the sand in south Florida or up north cozy by the fireplace, winter season is here!

This beautiful season has inspired many of our event themes. Snowy mountain backdrops and glossy ice-like dance floors are just a couple of décor elements that made guests feel as if they were truly in a winter wonderland.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

A mountain backdrop helped to set the scene of a snowy day on a mountain

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

The dance floor was wrapped to look like an ice skating rink

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

Silver and white color palette.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

These ghost chairs picked up the blue tones from the up lighting helping to give off an icy look

winter wonderland 12

An ice sculpture – perfect for a winter themed party

winter wonderland8

Ice bar with puffs of snow at the base.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

The place card table with a winter cabin feel complete with wood fire logs.

Memories are a story. Let us help you write yours - Domino Arts

A ski – perfect for a bar/ bat mitzvah sign in for guests.

winter  wonderland table

Guests sat under birchwood canopies with cascading white flowers. Santa Barbara Photography

room shots

Ice sculpture cocktail table centerpieces. Credit: Santa Barbara Photography

Winter wonderland

Don’t forget your warm beanie !






Luxurious Letterpress Invitations

Letterpress printing is a printing technique which has been in use in the West since the 15th Century, when it was used by Johannes Gutenberg to manufacture the Gutenberg Bible. There has been some debate over whether letterpress printing was first developed in the East or West, with some suggestions that Chinese texts were printed using a similar method before the Gutenberg Bible. Letterpress printing remained the primary way to print and distribute information until the twentieth century, when offset printing was developed. It was also an extremely important technological innovation, making printed material available to a wider range of classes of people.

Elum Designs

Letterpress printing involves locking movable type into the bed of a press, inking it, and rolling or pressing paper against it to form an impression. Predecessors of letterpress printing had been around for hundreds of years, with both East and West making prints from woodblocks and carved engravings. However, Gutenberg is usually credited with the introduction of movable type, which could be reset and reused. Movable type revolutionized printing techniques, because each page of a book no longer represented an individually carved woodblock or engraving. A fast typesetter can set a page in only a few minutes.
The parts of a basic letterpress include a press bed where the type is set up, rollers for ink, and a tympan, which is a tightly stretched drum or disc on which the paper is mounted. Some presses roll the tympan across the bed of the press to print, while others press a flat tympan against the bed for an impression. For multiple colors, multiple passes of the press must be taken, unless the printer uses a split fountain technique where several colors of ink are spread on the rollers.

Elum Designs

While it is not in common use, letterpress printing is valued by some artisans. High quality papers and inks are used to create an especially lush impression, and the technique is sometimes used for special invitations, announcements, and art projects. Items printed on a letterpress can be readily identified by the impressions of the letters, which punch into the paper slightly and create a raised effect of the back of the printed product.

Letterpress printing is more time consuming than offset printing, resulting in higher cost. Several methods have been developed to make the process more efficient. Type for letterpress printing is made from lead, which is soft enough that it will not damage the paper. When the technique was in common use, newspapers often relied on linotype machines, which cast entire lines of type in hot lead. After the paper was printed, the lead could be melted down and reused.

Article shared from  www.wisegeek.com

Elum Designs

We love the collection of letterpress invitations from Elum Designs. Their designs are modern, they use luxury paper’s and couture designs from the traditional to the modern and chic makes them one of our brides favorite collections.The invitation below we used for a destination wedding in Florida with a Key West flavor. The palm tree was perfect with the ink colors in copper and soothing green.

Elum Designs

Signature Cupcakes

This week I worked with Pam at Cupcake Couture to design a signature cupcake for the volunteer fair at my daughters school. My daughter attends Saint Andrews School in Boca Raton. The school colors are  red, white and Scottish plaid so we created a cupcake with this in mind.The parents who attended the fair where given cupcakes as a delicious going home favor , sponsored by the Parents Association.

Two different designs were created. A  red velvet cupcake with  butter cream icing and chocolate drizzle  and a vanilla and chocolate cupcake with  butter cream icing  beautifully decorated with swirls of icing. A tartan edible  chocolate disc finished the look to make it a true Saint Andrews school cupcake.

Linzi  and Anita Kreilein, President of the Parents Association arranging the cupcake display. As  the team at  Cupcake Couture say : Life is short, eat Desserts first. What a great idea for your next celebration,  to create a signature cupcake especially for you with a your personal theme in mind.

Amazing Living Statues

At a cocktail party for a Bar Mitzvah we planned at the Cornell Museum of Art and American Culture at Old School Square in Delray Beach, we used a Living Statues entertainment for the guests. Is there a more authentic way to enhance the museum?   We contracted the most outstanding,  artistic and professional  “Living Statues”,  under the direction of Nicolas J. from Worldgate Studio in Orlando .Photographs courtesy of Jeff Kolodny Photography.

The guest had a great time interacting with the Living Statues. The statues came alive as you got closer to them.

The make up and costumes took many hours to apply , evolving into living museum pieces. World Gate Studio have over 142 costumes to select from to make your event come alive.

Our beautiful hostess who wanted her cocktail hour to come alive, and entertain her guests.