So You’re Engaged, Now What?

Congratulations on your recent engagement!

You are  so elated, and want to tell everyone about the exciting news and get started on planning your big day!

But who do you tell  first and what are your next steps?!

1. Of course, first on your call list should be your relatives and then your closest of friends.

It’s important to personally tell people that are closest to you about your engagement before making your big announcement on social media.

C. Marissa and Shawn

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2. Get your ring sized and most importantly added to your insurance. Having your ring insured will put your mind at peace.


Credit: Kristen Somody Whalen


3. Set a window of time that you would like your wedding to take place. For Florida Brides, high season is from November until April. If you are considering a Florida wedding, be aware that prices are considerably higher during this period of time.

Henry Morrison Flagler Museum Wedding Palm Beach

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4. Set your budget. This may be a delicate situation but if you have it set from the start, it will make for a much easier and stress free process

Candy Apples

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5. Organize your guest count. Your guest count determines your budget as well as the size of the venue space you can select.

henry Morrison Flagler Museum

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6. Now, its time to get a wedding planner. At this point it is important to secure your key vendors such as your venue, photographer, videographer entertainment, and florist. An event planner will help you to stay in your budget, advise you on tried and tested professional vendors within your budget, negotiate all of your contracts, and most importantly, allow you to be a guest at your own wedding on your special day.

Bonde girl


7. Think about where you want to get married. Do you want a local venue or a destination wedding? Be sure to select your venue based on your personality and your vision for your special day. Check out our blog on unique wedding venues some ideas!

Megan and Jon Tables

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8. Start a pintrest or vision board for your wedding so you can share your ideas when it comes time to select details such as flowers, invitations, your dress and a color palette for your bridal party.


Credit: Kristen Somody Whalen


9. At this point, let your wedding planner guide you through the process. Your wedding should be a stress free and fun process. You get married, and we’ll take care of all the details!

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Succulent Flowers for the upcoming Wedding Season!

Let the Wedding Planning Begin!

It’s that time of of the year again, time to pick out your wedding flowers – Succulent flowers are back! These flowers are used for all purposes when planning your wedding from centerpieces and bouquets to boutonnieres and hair accessories. Succulents come in types of colors with a large variety to select from .  Integrating succulent flowers with other types of flowers are interesting and different look especially for the bride who wants a more ” earthy ” feeling to her wedding design. Here are some of our favorite designs and combinations of flowers.



Credit: Norwest Florist


Credit: Confetti Day Dreams


Credit :



Credit: Wedideas



Credit: Curious Floral



Credit: Robin Wood Florists



Linzi Events



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Wedding Planning – Emotional Pointers for Brides to Be.

Helpful advice for brides and grooms planning their wedding. I  recently had the privilege of planning a destination wedding  for Allison Jupiter , a licensed psychotherapist in New York city to Alex Korson.  Allison  recently wrote a blog post on her website offering emotional pointers for brides who are in the midst of planning their wedding.

I  especially enjoyed what Allison wrote  – ”  Redefine your definition of the Perfect Wedding ” . Allison planned an ocean view ceremony and  “yes”  it rained and we had to move the ceremony inside but as she wrote   – “It is important to keep in mind that the wedding day is not an indicator for the rest of your marriage.  The wedding is a day for your family and friends to celebrate the beginning of  YOUR new family. Have fun!”.  And ” YES ” the wedding was flawless and so much ” FUN “.

Allison and Alex photographed by Jeff Kolodny Photography


Emotional Pointers for Wedding Planning  – written by Allison Jupiter, LCSW – R – June 18. 2012

Wedding planning can be an exciting, yet overwhelming experience.  Many of my clients will arrive in my office showing off their new ring or tell me how they proposed with a sense of excitement.  Others will come into my office crying about how much they have to do and how they are having difficulty negotiating with friends, families, and vendors.  I thought it might be helpful to share some of the pointers I have provided my clients with over the years.

1.  Negotiables and Non-negotiables:  I strongly recommend before you and your fiancé begin any wedding planning you determine 3-5 things you truly care about and what you do not need at your event.  Is it necessary to have fresh flowers?  Is a band or a DJ essential?  Do you want a big wedding or a small wedding?  It is important that you and your fiancé are on the same page about what items you care about.  This way you both can minimize the fighting between the two of you and let go of the items you may not feel are as important.

2.   Ask for Help.  There are going to be a lot of details to worry about in a wedding.  Many of my patients feel anxiety trying to decide on the Save the Dates, the Invitations, the Rehearsal Dinner, etc.  If you have determined the 3-5 items you and your fiancé deem essential, then ask others for help with the non-essentials.  You cannot do everything yourself and relying upon those closest to you will help minimize your stress levels.

3.  Assess Personality Styles of Family and Friends.  Just because you are planning a wedding, it does not mean people’s personalities are going to change for that time period.  If your future mother in law has given you unsolicited opinions prior to your engagement, she probably will give them about the wedding as well.  If your groomsman is forgetful, he might forget his cufflinks that day.  Or if your grandmother does not like loud music, I suggest not placing her at a table near the band.  It is important you determine what are the strengths and weaknesses of those involved in the wedding and work with them.  Trying to change anyone’s personality for your wedding is only going to make you feel more anxious, frustrated and disappointed.

4.  Practice Setting Boundaries.  During your wedding planning, many people are going to ask you things.  This could be “Do you want engagement photos?” or “Why are you having a destination wedding?”  Some of these questions may seem innocuous and others may hurt your feelings.  The key is to remember what your negotiables and non-negotiables are and feel comfortable saying “NO.”  You CANNOT make everyone happy at your wedding.  You can try to plan a fun and special day, but it may involve setting limits with others to ensure you and your fiancé are happy.

5.  Redefine your definition of the “Perfect Wedding.”  Every day we see images of the “perfect” wedding on television.  While the pictures look amazing, the reality is at least one of the details did not turn out as planned.  The photographer may have arrived late or it may have rained during an outdoor ceremony.  It is important to keep in mind that the wedding day is not an indicator for the rest of your marriage.  The wedding is a day for your family and friends to celebrate the beginning of YOUR new family. Have fun!



Indian Wedding in Miami

What a ” rich” experience planning a wedding for Supriya and Josh at the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach . Using jewel tones in the decor we were able to create a wedding for the couple incorporating Indian traditions.

Bride and Groom in the lobby at the fabulous Edenroc Hotel in Miami .

The wedding was photographed by Jeff Kolodny Photography with decor by  designer Jon Buick from Xquisite Events.

In Indian tradition a Mandap was  custom designed for the family with beautiful dome  with tightly packed flowers in jewel tone with hand painted columns. The centerpieces were set on  fuschia linens with a silk  overlay directly from India. We loved the orchids  set around the candles.